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Posted By Kade Wilcox | February 12, 2021

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The world as we know it is peppered with millions of businesses.

Between one-man-shows and corporations with thousands of employees, if you can see it, you can be it, and you can do it. 

The modern world is amazing that way, isn’t it? 

But even with the diversity of those organizations, with their different sizes, industries, and pain points, they all share one short, yet complex, question: 

How do I grow my business?

And not just the type of growth that looks exciting for a moment on a graph or spreadsheet. The type of growth behind that question is the kind that is long-term, permanent, and sustainable. 

Now, as someone who doesn’t love silence, (Trust me. Ask anyone on my team.) I’ll go ahead and direct you to some immediate truth. 

Whether you’re a budding, green entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, getting comfortable wrestling with that question comes with the territory. 

As the co-owner and CEO of digital solutions agency, Primitive, a multi-million dollar company approaching it’s 10-year milestone, along with being the founder of a variety of different business ventures, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve found myself brawling in the ring with this question along with the best of them. 

However, that question, as difficult as it is, has blessed and humbled me with failures, successes, mistakes, and lessons. 

Essentially, my experiences have given me a unique vantage point, and I want to share that view with you.  

While some of the things I share will have to do with marketing, my focus is on pure and sustainable business growth.

And that involves points that extend beyond the reach of an airtight marketing strategy.

I’ll dialogue about:

  • Successfully creating and scaling operations
  • Growing, leading and aligning both local and distributed teams 
  • Inspiring and engaging with even the biggest skeptics 
  • Absorbing the true fundamentals of what makes a team successful 
  • Using those foundational team attributes to place the right people in the right roles.
  • And so much more. 

But first, before I continue diving into the “How?” it’s important for me to introduce myself so you can get to know “Who?”

Kade Who?

Y’know, I always thought I’d be a pro basketball player. 

From early morning until late into the evening, I was on the court practicing shot, after shot, after shot. No one needed to talk to me about determination, optimism, or resilience - I come from a hard-working, from-the-salt-of-the-earth type of family and I already knew plenty about all of that.

But, fast forward a few years and it’s no surprise I’m not on anyone’s starting line up. 

In 2011, with just my wife, myself, and a living room office, I cut my teeth in the world of digital marketing. As expected, I fell in love with the process and have helped grow Primitive to the company it is today, with a worldwide, distributed team. 

Nowadays, it’s not the game-winning shot that gets me fired up - it’s the 10,000+ hours that go into the process; the process of engaging with clients, understanding their pain points, and building impenetrable foundations and platforms for their sustained and continued growth. 

Aside from my faith and my family, what drives me is the ability to continue to learn from both my personal and professional experiences.

When not eagerly strategizing growth and success with allies, I’ve found myself spending quality time with God while running along a long dirt road, traveling the beautiful majesty of the United States with my family, and diving into everything I can get my hands on to learn more about becoming the best leader for my family, peers, colleagues, and myself.

I’d love for you to join me on the journey of self-discovery, success, and sustainable business growth.

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