Creating the Vision for Your Company

Posted By Kade Wilcox | June 8, 2021

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Vision is the roadmap to your future. 

And in ten years of partnering with amazing small business owners and entrepreneurs, I’m still amazed at how many brilliant ideas are not backed by a vision. 

Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you choose to look at it), a lot of businesses can get by with the “wing it” philosophy. However, much like long-distance running, if you don’t take the time to train properly and equip yourself with the necessary tools and provisions, you easily fall victim to injuries, depletion, and, let’s just say it, quitting. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to jumpstart arguably the most fun and most critical part of owning a business, creating your vision. 

What do you want?

It’s okay to ask yourself what you want from yourself as a business owner and from your business. In fact, it’s a critical and often overlooked first step.

Far too many small business owners believe providing a service or a product to others means your life must be dictated by selflessness. 

However, the adage “You can’t pour from an empty cup,” holds a lot of merit, both in life and entrepreneurship. 

It’s not unprofessional or immature to be selfish in your business pursuits. The reason why is because being a small business owner demands a lot, especially in the genesis, from one person – you. 

And, at the beginning, when it’s a “me, myself, and I” type of atmosphere, you must understand what you want out of yourself and your business largely for two reasons: your why is what you fall back on when times get tough, and your why determines the trajectory of your business.  

For example, some people aim for a business that is small and manageable, provides incremental yet sustainable growth, and is low stress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And, in fact, identifying this want in the beginning prevents you from diverging onto a path that amplifies your stressors (for example, acquiring more clients than you can handle without adding more employees). 

What brings people value?

After determining your why and what you sincerely want out of your business, an important next step is to identify what brings people value. Much like myself, Gary Vaynerchuk loves to preach value, value, value. 


Because the journey is only sustainable and fruitful when you emphasize the value you bring to others as opposed to being single-minded and focused on profit margins alone. 

Now, the way value appears to every business owner can come in various forms, shapes, and sizes. For me, when posed with the first question, “What do I want?” my answer has time and time again revolved around building teams that can provide value to my community and the small businesses we partner with. 

In light of this, I quickly began to understand that, for my personal business endeavors, I needed to emphasize providing value to the teams I build and surround myself with in order to trickle that value to our clients. 

Where are you NOW?

A vision, by its very nature, is set in the future. And while goals and dreams are great, they get you nowhere without a healthy dose of realism. 

Now, even though it’s crucial to inject facts about where you currently are into your business vision, do yourself a favor and don’t get entrenched in this step. 

Having a vision should be fun and exciting. It should get your blood pumping for all that is possible.

Who/What do you need to move forward?

There’s an African proverb that many have heard time and time again. It says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” And if you think of this proverb through the lens of your business being your child, it’s very true. Now, depending on your business pursuit, the village can look different – it can be a team of individuals or it can be a band of tools like a martech stack that you need to accomplish your vision.

Whatever it may be, identifying your needs on the front end makes your vision far more achievable than when you first started, and that’s the exact trajectory you want to follow.

Write it down.

There is power in putting pen to paper. It’s been said countless times when referencing a budget and sticking to it, and although the act is simple, it’s no less potent. 

The act of writing is proven to help us remember, and on the contrary, not writing anything down is an invitation to forget. 

Having a business is not for the faint of heart, and if you’ve embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship, writing down your vision solidifies your commitment to success. 

When was the last time you created space to dream and imagine what your future looks like? While owning a business is chock-full of reality and humility, just like anything else, it’s more sustainable and fruitful when accompanied with balance.

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